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About this Reference Book

This Reference Book is devoted to the Declension System of the Russian language. It includes structured and systematized information concerning nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and numerals case word-changing. Additionally, summary tables of all case endings both in singular and in plural as well as some exceptions are included.

As the Russian language teaching experience shows, the declension rules appears to be a hard nut to crack for foreign learners of the language. That is why we strained every effort to present the case system in a simple and clear form.

The Grammar Reference Book has the following features:

  • The grammar material is presented in a clear tabular form;
  • Numerous examples have been selected carefully to illustrate the grammar rules;
  • The tables of declension show all possible case endings simultaneously;
  • The case word-changing both in singular and plural is included;
  • The chapter and paragraph names are given in English as well as all necessary notes, hints and comments;
  • All notes could be opened in a separate window simply by clicking on the blue coloured note hyperlinks embedded to the grammar tables;
  • All examples are provided with special hints which appear by clicking on the example the learner is interested in.

These hints have a double function:

  • Firstly, they show the proper stress in all multisyllable Russian words. This function is especially important in case of stress changing when nouns and adjectives are being declined.
  • Secondly, all hints include most frequently used English equivalents of the appropriate Russian words (at present, the Reference Book contains about 400 Russian words as examples).

Finally, it should be mentioned that the Reference Book includes grammar materials for different levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. That makes it a useful guide for all Russian language learners irrespective of their current language skills.

Please send us your suggestions and comments.

The Oxford Russian Dictionary, Revised Edition, Oxford - New York, Oxford University Press, 1997, was used while compiling this Reference Book.

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