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August 28, 2003
Special Offer: only until September 30th, all visitors who register for the Introductory Phonetic Course and pay for a year course Membership will get a month access to the Russian Slang & Colloquialisms sound files for FREE! Do not miss out! Register now!

August 25, 2003
Update of the Online Library: 6 new poems of Sergey Yesenin in original and translation.

August 14, 2003
30 new slang words and phrases are waiting for your comments and constructive criticism! Help find English equivalents and work out precise explanation for the Russian slang samples.

July 30, 2003
We've added a new page with information about Russian names (first name, patronymic, family name) and a list of popular Russian men's and women's names.

July 28, 2003
A comprehensive catalog of premium LearningRussian.com products is now available. Here one can find short description of services, info about prices and duration.

July 22, 2003
See what's been written about us in the Russian national wide newspaper "Izvestia" (July'14, 2003 edition). The most part of the item is devoted to the "Russian Slang & Colloquialisms" reference guide. The article is available in Russian only and speaks favorably of the resource.

July 8, 2003
Offline Phrasebook has appeared on the site. Take this opportunity of downloading the English-Russian Audio Phrasebook materials to use them offline at your convenience!

June 23, 2003
The works of Russian poet Osip Mandelshtam are now available in the Online Bilingual Library.

June 6, 2003
The "Russian Slang and Colloquialisms" reference guide now has audio support. You can listen to the pronunciation of all the expressions included in the list in .mp3 or RealAudio sound format.

May 30, 2003
Learn how the very first medicines were invented through English-Russian comics!

May 19, 2003
We've made the Russian Alphabet available in MP3 format.

May 15, 2003
Just another addition of bilingual texts. This time we present three adopted stories of Anton Chekhov: "At the Dacha", "Gladness", and "Summer Residents".

April 10, 2003
A new author has been added to the Online Bilingual Library - Vladimir Vysotsky, one of the most talented Russian bards. Enjoy his "Ballad about love", "Song about Earth", "A song about a friend", and "Capricious horses" in Russian and English translation..

March 21, 2003
We posted a fairly large slang update. The guide "Russian Slang and Colloquialisms" now features 200 alphabetically arranged Russian words and phrases (each written in Cyrillic & Latin) with English equivalent(s) and explanation.

March 4, 2003
Russian Numerals: here you'll find the names of Russian cardinal numerals and learn how to pronounce them.

February 7, 2003
The "Elephants & Mammoths" comic strip has come out in Russian and English.

February 3, 2003
New addition to the Russian Library: 4 poems of Marina Tsvetaeva in Russian and English translation..

January 31, 2003
Now you can hear some Russian slang words and phrases pronounced by a native speaker. The sound support is available only for Phrasebook Members.

January 29, 2003
A new fable of Ivan Krylov "Mirror and Monkey" has been added to the Online Bilingual Library.

January 20, 2003
We've published some of the most popular Russian slang words and expressions that may be run across in modern spoken Russian speech. Currently we present 30 entries, each contains a Russian colloquial phrase, its English equivalent(s), and pronunciation guide.

December 23, 2002
The Holiday Page has appeared on the site. It's dedicated to the Russian New Year and Christmas traditions. Here are some useful holiday greetings and their pronunciation in Russian, information about the history of the New Year and Christmas celebrations in Russia, some holiday songs and toasts for a New Year party.

December 5, 2002
The "Evening" poem of Anna Akhmatova now has its animated version in Flash format.

December 3, 2002
Online Russian Library has undergone a very thorough change. It has a new design and improved navigation. A new fable of Ivan Krylov  "Dragon-fly and Ant" has been also added to the collection of bilingual texts.

November 13, 2002
Special offer: only until December 31st, all visitors who register for the Phonetic Course and pay for a year course Membership will receive the printable version of the online English-Russian Phrasebook by e-mail at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

November 11, 2002
English-Russian Phrasebook navigation has been improved.

October 30, 2002
Added LearningRussian Store of specially selected products for Russian language needs.The store is intended for students or teachers of the Russian language and culture. It features various Russian related products, such as dictionaries, courses, software, audiotapes, films, hand-held translators, souvenirs, etc.

October 23, 2002
The "Story About Hedgehogs" comic strip has come out. Russian and English versions are available. If you'd like your comics to be published on our pages, please send them to webmaster@learningrussian.com. English-Russian comics are especially welcome!

October 7, 2002
Tell a friend feature is added to the site. If you like the LearningRussian.com site, take this opportunity to recommend it to your friends.

September 18, 2002
LearningRussian.com is starting to build a comprehensive database of Internet resources devoted to Russia and Russian language. We invite webmasters of Russia related sites to add their free listings to the LearningRussian Directory Catalog.
Language learning resources are especially welcome!

September 12, 2002
Now you can hear the Russian Alphabet spoken by a native speaker.

August 30, 2002
A new Daily Phrase E-mail service has appeared on the site. Now our visitors can learn Russian phrases by e-mail.

August 21, 2002
Special offer: only until September 30th, all visitors who register for the Introductory Phonetic Course and pay for a year course Membership will get a 6-month access to the online English- Russian sound Phrasebook at no extra charge.

August 7, 2002
Funny English-Russian comic strips have been added to the site. Learn Russian and laugh!

July 17, 2002
Business Correspondence Guide Book now has its PDF formatted version, which is available for download under the content menu of the product.

July 4, 2002
Our home page has a fresh look with a new design.

July 3, 2002
Now you can have a look at the LearningRussian.com Team photos.

June 21, 2002
News Archive is available. This page lists new features, changes, and fixes that occur on the site.

June 17, 2002
The Testimonials page is added to the website.

May 08, 2002
We start redesigning our home page.

April 26, 2002
The LearningRusian.com now has its Site Tour.

April 17, 2002
Additional payment rates for our premium online products are introduced. Subscribing for Phrasebook or Introductory Phonetic Course now, you can choose a price and access duration suitable for you.

March 29, 2002
The LearningRussian.com site moved to a new hosting location. Please make note of the following: the web addresses of some site pages were changed: e.g.
   before - http://phrasebook.learningrussian.com/
   now - http://learningrussian.com/phrasebook/
In this connection, please upgrade your bookmarks.

February 4, 2002
We are glad to introduce our new IPC Demo that contains some basic types of the assignments used in the Introductory Phonetic Course. It gives a clear idea of how the course allows you to interact with it as you learn Russian online.

January 23, 2002
The Forum Archive appeared.

January 10, 2002
We changed the language of the assignments in the first two lessons of our Phonetic Course in order to make the start easy for absolute beginners. The tasks are now formulated in English. In the 3-7 lessons, the assignments are written in Russian and they are all provided with English translation.

December 30, 2001
The 'Russian Phonetic System' Reference Guide is launched on the net. It covers generalized and systematized information on Russian sounds, alphabet, intonation, stress, and etc.

December 6, 2001
Addition of new materials to our Bilingual Library. Two plays by Anton Chekhov - 'Uncle Vanya' and 'The Sea-Gull' - are now available both in Russian original and English translation.

November 29, 2001
Personal Correspondence Guide Book now has its PDF formatted version, which is available for download under the content menu of the product.

October 26, 2001
Presently, Russian-English Transliteration Scheme is available on the site.

October 22, 2001
A new column with transliteration is added to the Personal Correspondence Guide Book. Each entry of the Guide Book is now presented in three variants: English original, Russian equivalent written in Cyrillic, and transliteration variant written in Latin letters.

August 10, 2001
The complete Introductory Phonetic Course (IPC) is now accessible. It contains 7 online lessons on Russian pronunciation.

July 18, 2001
Lesson 2 of the Introductory Phonetic Course is available. The complete Course is soon to be launched on the net.

June 29, 2001
Now you can share your opinion concerning this site, ask questions or join in the discussions relating to the Russian language learning in our bilingual Forum.

May 17, 2001
Business Correspondence Guide Book appeared on the site. It contains about 300 useful phrases and some bilingual samples of standard simple business letters generally used in modern international commercial correspondence.

May 9, 2001
The visitors of the site can now find additional information about the Project and the Team on the About Us page.

April 30, 2001
Personal Correspondence Guide Book is now available. It gives a remarkable opportunity for English speakers to create a simple letter or a personal ad in Russian without other people's help for free.

April 25, 2001
Online Payment System is introduced on the site. English-Russian Phrasebook with sound and PDF files is now accessible for paying Members only.

March 15, 2001
Personal Correspondence Guide Book is close to be completed.

March 9, 2001
The LearningRussian.com first fee-paying service will be presented on the net in the nearest future.

February 20, 2001
The PDF formatted version of the Phrasebook appeared recently. Phrasebook Members can download and print out the PDF files of any thematic section they are interested in.

February 7, 2001
We are pleased to inform you that the work on the final edition of the English-Russian Phrasebook is completed.

January 30, 2001
The Phrase of the Day Archive is available.

December 12, 2000
Our English-Russian Phrasebook now has audio support. You can listen to the pronunciation of all the expressions included in the Phrasebook.

November 16, 2000
All the Russian words and expressions used in the Lesson 1 of the Introductory Phonetic Course are now provided with their English equivalents. To see the translation of every Russian item, just click on the word or task formulation you'd like to translate.

November 6, 2000
The 1st edition of the English-Russian Phrasebook has come out.

November 3, 2000
We applied a new type of hierarchical menu to make navigation through the English-Russian Phrasebook more fast and convenient. The same type of menu is used in the IPC's Lesson 1 as well.

October 18, 2000
Several poems of Pushkin, Lermontov, and Akhmatova are supplied with voice recording.

September 6, 2000
Lesson 1 of the Introductory Phonetic Course is posted on the Web.

August 20, 2000
New poems at our Bilingual Library. Now, you can read both in Russian original and English translation the best poems of Krylov, Fet, Akhmatova, and Esenin.

July 27, 2000
LearningRussian.com offers its new service "Help on-line". If you have a question on the Russian language or need help to find anything on the Russian Internet, just send us a message and we'll try to help you.

July 22, 2000
A new "Phrase of the day" feature appeared on the site. Every day you visit our home page, you will see a new colorful Russian proverb or saying with a corresponding English expression.

July 21, 2000
We are glad to present our Bilingual Library that now contains some poems of Pushkin and Lermontov. Soon, we will be adding many more exiting materials to the current content.

July 19, 2000
The Russification page is added to the website.

June, 2000
The site LearningRussian.com is launched on the net. It offers online Grammar Reference Book that allows you to focus on declension system of the Russian language.

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