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May Wednesday 18 2022

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Introductory Phonetic Course is a complete program of Russian pronunciation. The online lessons of the course contain sound and interactive exercises on Russian language.

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About the IPC content
The IPC features
Symbols and conventions
Methodical description
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Introductory Phonetic Course (IPC) is an online interactive manual that teaches the Russian pronunciation. The IPC is intended for English speaking people who desire to start learning Russian from the very beginning and for those who studied Russian before and want to improve their pronunciation skills. Besides, the course may be very helpful for the teachers of Russian as a methodical manual.

The main purpose of the IPC is to introduce Russian sounds, letters, and intonation constructions to foreigners through the Internet. Moreover, having worked through the course, students will be able to read and write in Russian, to comprehend speech and even to converse with Russians in a number of ordinary situations.
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About the IPC content

The IPC covers all the Russian sounds and the letters they can represent in writing, introduces basic reading rules of both separate letters and combinations of them, teaches Russian alphabet and intonation patterns. The course practically consists of a great amount of traditional and interactive exercises, which are provided with sound recording of native Russian speakers.

The IPC is presented in small, digestible portions falling into seven parts. The intuitively clear hierarchical menu allows forming a complete idea about the detailed content of each lesson of the course.

Parts from 1 to 4 contain 35 lessons that present Russian sounds, letters, and basic intonation constructions one by one.
Parts from 5 to 7 consists of 26 lessons that essentially differ from previous by their content. They revise the material from preceding lessons, add new notes, and generalize all the information on this or that matter. There are summarizing tables, which allow using the lessons as the reference material on the Russian phonetics. The 61st lesson contains final exercises on listening comprehension that crown the course.

Note: if you can't read Cyrillic correctly, please check russification of your computer.

Note: use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or newer) that will allow you to view the lessons.
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The IPC features

     1. Translations
The assignments of the course are formulated in English (in the 1-19 lessons) and in Russian (in the 20-61 lessons), and they are all provided with corresponding translation. All the Russian words, combination of words, and sentences involved in the course also have their English equivalents. To see the translation of every item, you should just click on the word, sentence or task formulation you'd like to translate.
For example:

  Прослушайте запись:

     2. Audio support
The IPC is provided with the audio support recorded on the State Broadcasting Company. The sound recording for all lessons of the course amounts approximately to two hours and 30 minutes. Due to the recording, you have the opportunity of listening and reproducing the samples of native speaker's speech over and over and thus master the Russian pronunciation. To download the sound files, you should click on a loud-speaker button above the text of interest.

Note: to make use of the sound support, you may need to install RealAudio Player by RealNetworks, Inc. [download free version]

Note: we do not apply RealAudio streaming technology on our site now, therefore the sound files are fully preloaded before the playback.

     3. Interactive exercises
The IPC contains numerous interactive exercises for self-control. There are three main types of interactive activities in the course: "Define the sound", "Input the text", "Put the stress". You can get acquainted with the instructions of interactive exercises in each lesson by clicking on the sign "Information" next to tasks.

Note: Flash Player by Macromedia, Inc. is the necessary software for fulfilling the interactive exercises of the IPC. [download free version]
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Symbols and conventions

[ ]

phonetic transcription

download the sound recording

listen to the sound recording

speak, repeat aloud


input the text

use your mouse


о, а, ...

vowels under stress

1, 2, ...

numbers of intonation constructions


tips that help to fulfill exercises

pay attention

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Methodical description

The course was designed for independent learning of Russian and assumes no previous knowledge of the language. It is mainly aimed at mastering proper Russian pronunciation and gives a solid foundation for further language study within the framework of elementary level.

The purposes of the IPC:

  • to provide mastering the basic features of the Russian phonetic system in the field of sounds, rhythmics of a word, and intonation;
  • to found initial listening and pronunciation skills, to teach students to differentiate the elements of the Russian speech, and also to carry out sound, rhythmic, and intonation form of statements;
  • to provide mastering the basic reading rules of words, combinations of words, sentences, mini-texts;
  • to provide using sound-letter correspondence while fulfilling dictations containing sounds, syllables, words;
  • to give a solid minimum of useful lexical and grammatical material; to learn foreigners to communicate in Russian in ordinary situations.
The course content is arranged in connection with the features of the Russian pronunciation system. The sequence of introduction the material in the field of sounds assumes, first of all, training of hard consonants and connected with them vocalism, then, soft consonants and connected with them vocalism. Basically, the careful study of sounds passes the following stages: demonstration, reproduction, training and checking. The given stages correspond to the following types of student's activities: listening, repeating, reading, defining and inputting, putting the stress, etc.

The material of the course is divided into 61 lessons, each of them contains a system of exercises and the tasks directed on complex formation of the basic kinds of speech activity: speaking, readings, listening comprehension, and writing. Besides, the IPC gives a solid minimum of useful vocabulary. Having worked through the course, students will know about 1200 Russian words and phrases.

One lesson of the IPC should take about 30 minutes in general. The complete course (61 lessons) should take about 30 hours of thorough work.

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Subscribing for the product, one can choose a price and access duration. Course Membership now costs US $29 for 6 months of access or US $49 for 12 months of access.
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How to become an IPC member

To become an IPC Member, you have to perform the following steps:
     Step 1 - fill out the Registration Form (enter your personal information, select a price/duration);
     Step 2 - pay by Credit Card online (enter your details on secure server).
If the registration and payment procedures are successfully accomplished, you will see the "TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL" message meaning that you've subscribed for the service and you will receive an access to the product in a few minutes. The corresponding notification will be sent you by e-mail. Thus, please be sure do not misspell your e-mail address while filling the Registration form.

Before registering we highly recommend you to try the Demo ( input demo in both Login fields for access) and check whether you can read Cyrillic and hear sound files without any distortions. That is to ensure correct performance of the paid service on your PC and avoid any troubles in future.
Please contact us if any difficulty occurs.

We make use of Cyberplat.com services to collect client's payments. While the payment procedure is in progress, credit card information passes directly to the authorization server of this company by secure SSL connection. The Cyberplat is certified to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. You can get acquainted with the details for JSC CYBERPLAT.COM's certificate from its payment page before entering any sensitive information.
No information concerning credit card data may be accessed by LearningRussian.com . Thus, all necessary measures are undertaken in order to make the payments safe and confidential.

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