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"Russian Slang and Colloquialisms" is a reference guide to the many informal expressions heard in Russia. It features 200 alphabetically arranged Russian words and phrases (each written in Cyrillic & Latin) with English equivalent(s), explanation, and audio files.

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Introduction [TOP]

Slang and colloquialisms ARE NOT accepted as formal or literary. Slang belongs to the most informal register and characteristic of spoken language, often originating in the cult language of a particular socio-cultural group. It contains newly coined words or regular words with different nonstandard meanings. Colloquialisms are accepted in ordinary speech and familiar conversation, they gained great popularity and are recognized by the majority of modern Russian population.

Slang and colloquialisms form a big part of Russian active vocabulary. As a rule, these phrases are emotionally colored and used to give force to one's speech. Although they are mainly used in informal oral speech, they are also often found in the press, frequently heard on popular radio and television programs. Nevertheless, it can be risky for someone who is not a native speaker to use slang and colloquialisms. Mainly because most of the expressions do have a tendency to be vulgar or offensive.

About Guide Book content [TOP]

The main purpose of the "Russian Slang and Colloquialisms" guide book is to introduce more or less acceptable samples of everyday slang and colloquialisms as a real part of modern Russian language. The guide book is not aimed at instructing how to use slang. Though we do not propagate or teach slang, our service may be considered as an interesting material for enlivening the process of learning, it can even provide a great stimulus for further Russian language study.

The guide book now contains 200 alphabetically arranged Russian words and phrases with English translation/explanation. The listed expressions are widely used in informal oral speech of the majority of Russian-speakers. That is why it is so important to know such words, first of all in order to identify and understand them in the flow of speech. The present online service gives the opportunity not only to read some of the most popular informal expressions and their English equivalents, but also to hear the way they sound in Russian.

The content of the "Russian Slang and Colloquialisms" is a free service, except sound. The audio support is available only for the registered members.

Note: use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or newer)

Entries presentation [TOP]

Each entry (word or phrase or expression) is presented in five variants: Russian original written in Cyrillic, its transliteration variant written in Latin letters, English equivalent(s) (if found), explanation in English (if necessary), and audio version (premium service).
The words in the guide book are given special signs to show their word class (or "part of speech"). As a rule, nouns are given in Nominative case, singular; nouns refer to one of three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter; adjectives are given in masculine gender, Nominative case, singular; verbs are listed in the infinitive forms.

Note: to view Russian texts correctly, please check russification of your computer.

Short Forms and Symbols [TOP]

f feminine gender n phr phrase based on a noun
m masculine gender adj phr phrase based on an adjective
n neuter gender derog derogatory
pl plural interj interjection
not decl not declined drug sl drug slang
adv adverb comp sl computer slang
adj adjective a vowels under stress
v phr phrase based on a verb    

Audio support (available only for members) [TOP]

All Russian words and phrases of the guide book are provided with the sound support in the RealAudio and MP3 formats. To playback audio files, click one of two special buttons near the entry you are interested in.

To hear RealAudio files, your system must be equipped with a RealPlayer. You can download one at no charge below:

To listen .mp3 sound samples you need to install the Windows Media(tm) Player on your computer. It's FREE and easy to install. If you do not have the Windows Media Player, you may get the Player from Microsoft Download Center.
You might also choose a non-Microsoft program, like the popular and excellent Winamp, which you may get here.

Note: for better sound, please set your player's equalizer like it is shown below:

Demo [TOP]

Try the sample audio files and check whether you can hear the sound without any distortions. Please contact us if any difficulty occurs.
To playback the sample files, click
      for mp3,
      for RealAudio.
Then, input demo in both Login fields for access
input 'demo'

Russian word or phrase Transliteration English equivalent(s) Explanation
adv MP3RA klyovo ool very good, very pleasant, fine
. v phr MP3RA Davaj otorvemsya. Let's live it up.  
! MP3RA Sledi za bazarom! Watch your tongue!  
If the Demo is OK and you are ready to subscribe for the Slang, please proceed to registration.

Price [TOP]

If you'd like to hear the "Russian Slang and Colloquialisms" spoken by a native speaker,
you have to pay for a monthly subscription amounting to US $9.

How to become a member [TOP]

To subscribe for the service, you have to perform the following steps:
     Step 1 - fill out the Registration Form (enter your personal information);
     Step 2 - pay by Credit Card online (enter your details on secure server).
If the registration and payment procedures are successfully accomplished, you will see the "TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL" message meaning that you've subscribed for the service and you will receive an access to the product in a few minutes. The corresponding notification will be sent you by e-mail. Thus, please do not misspell your e-mail address while filling the Registration form.

Before registering we highly recommend you to try the sample files (input 'demo' in both Login fields for access) and check whether you can hear sound files without any distortions. That is to ensure correct performance of the paid service on your PC and avoid any troubles in future. Please contact us if any difficulty occurs.

Your comments and proposals are welcome at comments@learningrussian.com.

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