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August Thursday 11 2022

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Here you can get acquainted with some comments from our visitors:

"Thank you for a great site. I enjoy it a lot. It is arranged in a logical manner, and it presents the language basics in a pleasant and clean way."
- Alon, Israel

"I have just discovered your wonderful site and bookmarked it. And also recommended it to a friend who, like me is very keen on all things Russian."
- Andy, USA

"I am teaching Russian to High school students. I was looking for different internet resources connected with Russian language. I think your web page is the best one. Students and teachers can really use it. Thank you for creating it…"
- Irina, USA

"This is the best site I have come across so far for beginner who is seriously wants to learn to speak Russian and also to send messages to friends. All formats are given 'user friendly' without any complications to master this unique language."
- Benjamin, Singapore

"Your Internet site is great. The phrase compilations are a great start, very useful and well considered. You are also helping to provide a valuable public service to both English and Russian speaking populations and hopefully exposing many native English speakers to the very beautiful and rich Russian history, heritage, literature and culture. Thank you for your most excellent and helpful site."
- Jim , USA

"I was just looking around and came across your site. It would have to be one of the best language sites (ANY language) that I have seen. The way you set out your site, the ease of use and the use of audio (clear audio I might add, others say the word very fast and not very clear.) I am very impressed with your site. I'm sure that your site will help incredibly!"
- Eric, Australia

"I found your interesting web site recently. I am quite impressed with what you have made available to the public. Thank you. I have been a learner of Russian for many years, but have achieved only the intermediate level. So I will continue to study and will use some material on your web site."
- Richard, USA

"I should like to thank you for providing as most useful site. I am a slightly more advanced student of Russian but found one feature of your site especially useful. It was the way that it is possible to run the mouse over a word and see how it is stressed. This is brilliant."
- Anthony, United Kingdom

"I just wanted to write to let you know how wonderful your Phrasebook site was, I found it very helpful and well organized. It helped me enormously. Thank you."
- Terry, USA

"Thank you for all the learning material on your site! I can only hope that the grammar book will be updated in time, because right now a lot of stuff is missing - I'd say it's just a beginning of a grammar book :-) but, all things considered, your site is the best in its cathegory, and I'm very pleased that I've found it!"
- Lucian, Romania

"Congratulations on the http://learningrussian.com/phonetics/ website!! I plan to subscribe but just wanted to compose a mail right away to comment on this excellent site. It is clear, to the point and presents all information in a simple straightforward manner which is a veritable relief when I think of the many sites where you have to roam around for hours only to find out that the thing you wanted is not there."
- Veronika, Austria

"I am learning Russian with a tutor twice a week and I think that this web site will be of great help to me!! I look forward to receiving your newsletter and looking at this site as regularly as I can. Thank you so much."
- Jasmin, New Zealand

"Thank you very much for your informative web site. My family and I are trying to learn Russian so that we can communicate with the Russian children that we are trying to adopt. Your site is very helpful."
- Don, USA

"… never have I seen such a nicely thought out, easily accessible, user-friendly language course or interface for learning that was both nicely presented and effective in its content. Thank you so much for being available. Thank you for putting so much obviously high quality work into your project. It is that which gives people like me a chance to really succeed and have the possibility of easy fluency!!!"
- Arthur, USA

Your comments and proposals are welcome at comments@learningrussian.com



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